Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday Bites: If You Are Tired of London, You Are Tired of Eating

Seriously, chicos y chicas.......

You could just gorge yourself from dawn to dusk on REALLY GOOD STUFF

in London these days.  (Are you reminded that pink food is kinda my specialty - I am only slightly exaggerating).

Delicious food, of of every type, size and description.

Remember the Duke of York's Square Saturday market?  That I posted about here?  Yes, still going strong with so many heroic and talented vendors.  With a dream......(of feeding me and you - Great!)

I did not eat a single bit of any of the things I've shown you here.  Though I would have been very happy to try to.  (If someone else was paying for my extra seat and weight on the plane ride home!)

Because, "HOW TO DECIDE?!!!!"

I was actually on the look-out for the Moroccan vendor, who sadly has disappeared from this market.  Along with my cake baker from the Pimlico Road Market.  (Guys where are you???? Come back to me!)

And so I plumped for fresh handmade nems - minced pork and mango with cilantro in tender rice wrappers.  (Sorry no pictures, too busy eating!)  

The Paradis crew passed on the champagne, too.  (I know, too sad, you'd think we didn't want to really live!)

Wow, it took some time for someone to do the very obvious at a market.  It IS London after all.  (Yeah I'm talking about the fish and chip stall.)

Hey, Bon Appetit!  What's for lunch?  How was your weekend?  Did you eat anything good?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Been a Busy Week

And with it, I'm feeling an inclination


the understated

the soothing

And the sweet.

I'm not calling it beige.  I'm calling it Tender Tones (again).

Know what I mean?

(Have a great weekend!)

(none of these photos are mine and sorry no credits)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Country Walk - Haute Savoie Style

Not much to tell you here except's totally my style.

(Poor calves - they look destined for the veal department in your supermarket.  That little guy in the middle was bellowing: "Get me out of here already!")

Sometimes I really need a dose of all of this.  No special equipment or training required.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Blog Discovery: Danane at Rosendals Tradgard

For the weekend.

Love her pictures of Rosendals Tradgard in Stockholm.  More here at: Danane


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

La Fete du Vieux Seynod

La Fete du Vieux Seynod is a charming thing.

It's a celebration of the old ways of life in a Savoyard community.  Full of handsome animals.....

and industrious young men keen on keeping what's "artisanal" alive

Like apple cider making...

hazelnut and walnut milling, for flour and oil.....

There are strong, handsome animals on parade

and sun-blushed happy, well-behaved young people celebrating their local products

and reminding us how fun it can be when we all pull and push in the same direction.

           Guys who've been around and know a thing or two, demonstrating how the right cheery red
                                                    contraption can help the work day go faster.

At the Fete du Vieux Seynod it's hard not to think how nice it is to be out on a sunny day.

in a place where wholesome food 

is still as beautiful as it is plentiful.

One is reminded that there are many ways to do a thing and that handmade often also means very sound and solid (and also beautiful!)

We're reminded that the Postman is our friend.

And that we're stuck with the Maire (Mrs. Mayor, too) whoever he might be.  Love him or not.

We're reminded that it's not just the Basques who wear berets.  And look terribly cute in them.

In the old days, they found ways to have fun.

Even if those ways seem a little quaint and "home-made" to us now.

I thought these horns were a bit cheesy and quaint in the wrong ways, before I heard their beautiful beautiful sound.  A music that will soothe the savage beast.....

But apparently not so soothing to this one.  You may already know the "Vache Qui Rit". This is her cousin, the Vache qui Peed!  And the whole town seemed to want to have a laugh about her accident, the poor thing.  I'm guessing she was missing her cozy barn and green pasture and wasn't so sure about all these people.

At the Fete du Vieux Seynod we're reminded that we need ALL the help we can get to keep order on the farm.

And that there is no proper local fair without Barbes a Papa.  (We call it "cotton candy" in the States.  What do you call it?)

OH the good old days!  Rough, scratchy underwear!

and...... baby horse wrangling!

And wood-turning!  (I have uncles who do this kind of stuff, don't you? )

And other useful stuff like making knives, and knife handles, and attaching them to each other....

They start them early with animal husbandry in Vieux Seynod.  As much now as they did then.  This little guy had known his charges since birth, just six weeks prior.  Just too sweet!  Don't you think?

This post about the Fete du Vieux Seynod was a long one, but I hope you thought it was just as lovely as I did.  These aren't things you get to see everyday.  Well I don't!

**Seynod is just outside Annecy.  "New"Seynod is just one big shopping center!  For better or worse.  The Fete du Vieux Seynod has been taking place every September for quite a few years now.