Sunday, January 15, 2017

Australia's Impressionists at the National Gallery, London

So happy to discover these paintings and painters of Australia

at the same time as my first visit there.

This artwork is part of an exhibit now on view

in London, England

at the National Gallery until the 26th of March 2017.

These paintings for me capture so well the light, and the freshness of Australia.

For a place so far removed geographically from the rest of the world, and occupied by

a population (on a landmass nearly the size of the U.S.) of approximately only 24 million

i.e., that of New York City, London, and Hong Kong combined......

it should not be too surprising that the air seems magically clean

the beaches phenomenonally uncrowded

 and its landscapes unencumbered.

Australia presents itself as a country whose possibilities are still seemingly limitless.

Many of which are yet undiscovered.  Where a certain vibrancy

and yes, mystery prevails.  I WAS surprised by all that.

I was mostly struck, by these paintings, and the range of artwork that I saw in Oz

by a considerable clarity, exuberance, confidence, elegance and fineness of sensibility.

If you're judging a country by Baz Luhrman, Cate Blanchett, and Nicole Kidman this should really not have been a surprise.

The Australians are carrying forth a stunning artistic legacy into the world.  If you ever get a chance to enjoy some of it, i.e., by visiting OZ, or via this gorgeous exhibition, do yourself a great favor:  

Don't miss out!

(More pics soon, hope you all had a great weekend!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Wonderful Riches of Oz - And I Do Mean, Australia!

Some highlights for you all......

I'm still recovering.  Soaking it all in.  Remembering.  Regretting.

How little time I had to wander Melbourne's pretty little neighborhoods.

The meals I missed in cozy, authentique, gemutlich bars.

I'm still marvelling over the exuberant creativity.

And wishing I could experience more of the artistic energy.

 I'm still gobsmacked by the creatures and the features.......

The plethora of neighborhoods with history and charm.

The best of the new world and the delights of some older ones......

The food of uniformly high standard, and freshness.

The mix of the exotic and the mundane.

A cheeky insouciance.

And did I mention the food!!!?????  O.M.G.!

Did you know that OZ would look like this?  I did not.  Oh the wonder, the wonder......!
(Peoples got it allllll going on!!!!)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 2017 - With Greetings From Australia

Happy New Year!  How were your holidays?

The Paradis family went on an amazing adventure to OZ.  Have you been there?

Hope you're having a lovely lovely year so far.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Christmas. All The Best for 2016

Wishing you Good Cheer!

(Petersham Nurseries link here)

And all Good Things for the Coming Year


a p p y  h r i s t m a s  ! ! !

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Without the Crowds

It's getting to be that time.

That is, at some point next week

all the frantic rushing about

will be over.  The parties will have ended.

The crowds will have gone home.

And what we'll have left will be that little piece of Christmas

That may not be seen with the eye.

But only felt with the soul.

That quiet, private part that yet brings us all together.

The part about Peace and Thanksgiving and Goodwill to All Men

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

St. Jean de Luz in Color

You can't go wrong

in St. Jean de Luz.

It's a big-hearted little tourist town.

With pleasures aplenty.

Especially if your idea of gladness is a cheese shaped liked a Citroen 2CV.

There's lots of girlie kinds of shopping.

Even if some of the girlie goodies actually originated elsewhere.

The love of color is engaging and intoxicating.

Whether you're looking to fill your cups.

Or fill your tummy - at Yves Camdeborde's "Le P'tit Suisse." 

Don't miss out on Gateau Basque

or Maison Adams macarons which are not entirely

like the other sorts of macarons that you know and love.  The Basque version is perhaps the 

"Grandpapa" of the colored and flavored versions in Paris patisseries.  But just as "croquant".

Basque chilis seems to be fatter, meatier, juicier, happier than any chilis you've ever encountered.

And Basque espadrilles?  Brighter, cheerier, stripier?  Ya think?

Did I mention that St. Jean de Luz might just be where the Basque bon-vivant comes to cement

his or her reputation for savoring the "Good Life"?  You could go there too and start practicing.  You might have a little catching up to do.

How's the Christmas shopping going?