Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Diversionary Tactiles

Hello from your phantom blogger.

It is insanely gorgeous (and a little hot) in Los Angeles these days.

And I have been mostly silent and absent during a month of mostly bad news day after day.

It's a little bit of hyperbole for someone in such a comfortable situation as myself to say that I feel

sometimes like I'm living on a knife's edge.

But uncertainty and threat and change is on our doorsteps....which seems to make retreat frivolous

and shameful.  But let me suggest that the "thread", both fragile yet enduring, of the traditions and making all illustrated here provide profound comfort in their constancy.  We as humans persist in the activities illustrated here.  And meditating on the necessary mindfulness that goes into these makings

suggests solutions, resolution and solace if only in the day to day fabric of our lives.

All pics above variously happened upon via the following Facebook pages:

Other good textile pages:

It's a great year for creativity in fashion, I've been thinking.  

As the old Chinese proverb goes:  "In every crisis, opportunity".

This is what is also understood as "disruption."  I'm grabbing hold of the good bits.


  1. Have you ever seen Nicolas Le Floch? The 18th century fabrics (and color combinations, like salmon and gray, black and gold, and on and on) would probably be something that you would enjoy.

  2. La beauté, la créativité nous sauvent... J'espère que ta journée sera douce.