Sunday, August 1, 2010

L.A. Food Life - Hollywood Market in July

So I think my local Hollywood Farmers Market compares very favorably 

We might even have more and better flowers.  (Did I just say that?!)

Our fruit are pretty impressive, particularly when it comes to size and color 

And we are starting to give the Santa Monica Market (somehow much more famous)  a run for its money when it comes to variety.

It seems the farmers have thought to grow everything for us.

But if they haven't quite, and you are missing/craving something, they always say, you should talk to your farmer and tell him/her to grow it.

I adore these roses.  They are what roses should look like, if you ask me.  And not that livid, rigid, florists/beauty queen version you see in most parts.

What's not to like about a hydrangea?  Can anyone tell me?

My husband is terrorized (or was when he was seven) by these folk who present themselves somewhat ECCENTRICALLY to ENTERTAIN small children.  (Hubby does not find their look entertaining at all!!!!  Why do they DO that? - he says.  With horror in his eyes.)

At the market, not only is it possible to come upon new discoveries in veg, but also possible to discover new ways of seeing little stars, for example?

And speaking of stars and it being Hollywood, we have Goddesses too.

But who has time to ogle them when the produce is so appealing?

Root vegetables continue to hold us in their thrall.....Is it official?  Are radishes the vegetable of the moment or not?  And have you eaten them Mexican style with a squeeze of lime?  (I LOVE!)

I will never tire of purple flowers although purple anything else gives me pause.

We may not be as stylish as the French, but Hollywood seems to have gotten the memo that we should be wearing stripes with our espadrilles this summer.  We just forgot the espadrilles!   But who needs fashion, really, with such beautiful hills all around us?

Which brings us to the next (obvious?) question, have you ever eaten a lemon cucumber?   Organic or otherwise?  (Moi, non!)

The bottom line, it seems to me, is that foraging for food makes people happy.  And balloon animals will never go out of style.  Did everybody have a good weekend?  I did!!!!!!!!  Hope you found good stuff at your market!  Can't wait to go back to mine.


  1. I love markets... these pictures are stunning!

  2. Thanks for the trip through the Hollywood market! Sooo much there to oogle over ... my personal favorite was the zucchini blossoms ... an entire basket ?!? Can we trade places for a few days ;-)
    I usually shop at the Marché Batignolles, which is nearby & just about 100% organic.

  3. I just found your blog via Kevin of Hollywood's blog and I really love it!

  4. BRILLIANT... I am so hooked on your blog. Love your writing and point of view ... xo!

  5. kenza - i couldn't agree more! funny how they never get old! we must be hardwired to love them - it must be evolutionary or something and thx, glad you like the pics.

    amusette - trading places, hmmmmm in a heartbeat!!!! already plotting my return to gay paree.

    dandy - welcome! glad to have you and that you like what you see! i guess we all like to share whatever it is that gets us excited.

    janis - oh so nice of you. i'm perfectly capable of being a bit of a grouch but sharing with you all is a great exercise in remembering what's funny and delightful in life! thanks for giving me the opportunity!

  6. Fun post and the roses are stunning!