Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corner View - Room

You'll bear with me?  I thought about this subject, and spent some time looking for pictures of kitchens.

(Of course.)  Who among us, could not spend a lot of time with pictures, thinking about kitchens.  Like the one I had once, with a giant window, overlooking an equally enormous buddleia where I would sit every morning listening to blackbirds waking up.  

Instead, I thought, I'd share pictures of another kind of room.  The kind that reminds me of how I'm not REALLY an outdoors type.  But that I DO like this kind of outdoor activity.   Rooms like this are quite colorful.  Often they are populated by young handsome, men with wavy hair.  And seemingly lighthearted attitudes.  (What's not to like?)

Somehow, men are so much tidier in rooms like these, than they are in the rooms they share with us at home.

Except for, of course, the perennial spilt beer.

This does count as a "ROOM", doesn't it?

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  1. what a good choice! have a nice day!

  2. interesting remark there, about men and tidyness.
    starts off a train of thought here. what would happen if a man was tidy at home?
    i honestly don't know.
    would we recognize our home world, i wonder?

    but now then.
    definitely, wavy hairs; yes. please.

    what's with me? your room keeps on deviating me...

  3. This IS a room, even a really special one! Great choice! And, öhm, let me tell you something: I met some men that were even more tidy than myself...this is quite a strange feeling, I can tell you! ;o))

  4. this is a really good choice to show for a room. I love all the colors! x0

  5. Tidy men - I have heard of those. Never met one though...

    Would love to hang out with boat people. They really do seem light-hearted all the time!

  6. ah men, and yes ok it's a room

  7. I've had to ask to my man what "tidy" means ;-) Funny. I agree with Flowtops. Tidy men are like a urban legend, isn't it ?
    Wavy hair, yes, definitively (maybe we have some confusion here with "Point break"...).
    Thanks for this interesting debate!

  8. You crack me up! Tidy men, I agree this must be an urban legend!