Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And Further To .......

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I'm not bragging - I just continue to be amazed........This one bloomed on the deck the day after my birthday and continued until two days ago.  That's just about three full weeks.  It's in a big pot with other things....(hyacinths to be precise, so watch this space!).  But next year I think it will be nothing but a solid stand of bearded iris just like this. Nothing succeeds like success they say!  I am so inspired.

IRISES.  IN DECEMBER!  If you are a gardener, it's very hard not to believe in miracles.  Every plant, blossom, fruit that manages to thrive in my back yard seems to me to be utterly, astoundingly, miraculous.  In my New Jersey garden in December, I would be rushing outside at nightfall to wrap my plants against the nightime freezing temperatures.  If they weren't already bundled up.  This is what I came to Los Angeles for.  

Almost the best birthday present ever.


  1. I am SO happy that you are having such success with this!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! :-) I know how hard it is to plant and nurture only to have blooms die. I'm celebrating your success. :-)

  2. Oh, it's a beauty, for sure! Wonderful stippling and colours in those lower (beard?) petals!

  3. Une plante optimiste, qui se croit au printemps ! Ou alors, le climat changeant lui a fait tourner la tête !

    En tous les cas, c'est beau.

  4. J'aime beaucoup les iris, il fut un temps ou je vivais dans une maison avec un jardin plein d'iris... et celle-ci est vraiment superbe avec ses belles couleurs d'automne.. !

  5. Yes, the climate is made for perfect flowers but I suspect it could be your green thumb as well. What a gift! Inspiring MP...XX

  6. Blissful!
    and h a p p y b i r t h d a y mlle p... sorry to have missed that... here's to you...hip hip hooray1