Sunday, November 24, 2013

Changing Seasons

I'm trying to come to grips

(Photo: MaryAnn Moss of Dispatches from L.A.)  These are the lotuses in the Park that Echo Park is named for.

with the advance of winter.

(Photo: Emily Isabella here)

pretty pictures help!

(via England's Daily Mail)

More on all this soon.....Hope it was a good weekend!


  1. La photo des japonaises en kimono dans la neige est superbe !

  2. Ici aussi l'hiver arrive...J'adore cette derniere photo! Beautiful!! L'idee des feuilles peintes, genial!

  3. i sense getting the garden ready for winter is at play too.
    lotus in the garden.... it's a dream, over here. just a dream...
    your email will soon be answered, and i mean it!
    ps - that snow and colour of the last image feels just so cozy.

  4. Color will see you through... did I get the message right?!