Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday Bites - Gelatomania, Annecy

Why is that in cold places, people are mad for ice cream?

And why is it, that only in Annecy have I seen SO MANY ice cream places in such close

proximity to each other.......

having to compete for ice-cream avid crowds by making their glaces, their gelato, their frozen custards........

Soooooo distinctive, sooooo visually appealing

so luscious and enticing......

So artistic, like Italian deco edifices

studded with jewel-like but entirely natural drool-inducing embellishments......?

Why?  To compete with this place, maybe?  Le Glacier des Alpes.

How do I know?  Cause this was the only place with a line this long.  And I've read the Yelp reviews.  It's not OFTEN that French people get this excited about something.  Am I wrong?

For this, I HAD to resurrect "Monday Bites".  Have you bought your train ticket to Annecy yet?  (Me, uh huh, I have made some plans.)


  1. Beaucoup d'imagination chez ce glacier des alpes, je vois que tu as bien voyagé cet été, tu as du voler au dessus de ma tête! oh quand j'y pense....dommage que tu ne te sois arrêtée, mille bises, béa

  2. Simplement en regardant ces photos mes taux de cholestérol et de diabète viennent de passer dans le rouge !...

  3. Your Annecy adventure sounds and looks delicious in every possible way! And very glad to read (in your earlier posts) that your last-minute accommodation issues were so satisfactorily sorted. Serendipitous!

  4. Un délice pour les yeux ! on sent l'influence italienne ;)

  5. oh, let me go lose in this parlour, i simply would not know what to chose, and i would like to taste it all.... arghhh, thxs for these mouthwatering! n♥