Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grey is O.K. If It's Paris or Picasso

At the end of three weeks of running just as fast as I can

the last two of which have been a little bumpy "en plus".......

(Picasso and dog)

What better respite, solace, and consolation?

(Edith Piaf)

Than the greats and greys of Paris.

(Colette looking out her window at the Palais Royale?)

If you ask Mr. Paradis, outside of home improvement tasks

(Gargoyle, Notre Dame)

I've mostly been as good company as this character here.

Apparently I just need to sit a spell with my good buddies and let a nice glass of wine chase my worries away..........

 LOOKS GOOD TO ME!  (How's your weekend been?)

(Second pic above via The Guardian - one of the many Picasso pictures one of his grandsons, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, has recently turned over to John Richardson, Picasso's friend and biographer.  All others, via Chamade, Vintage French Photos.)

Thanks to Elizabeth for reminding me I needed some captions.  I woke up Sunday a.m. thinking the same thing!  For more details go to Chamade above.


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  2. Chuckling because my Bear would say I've resembled that character as well during these oh-so-stressful weeks. :-) Wishing us both happier, more peaceful days this week. :-)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a bumpy time of it (I can certainly commiserate - turns out moving one's life to a new city is a real time and energy drain... who would've thought! ;-) I hope you'll be having a smoother ride from now on. Your studio shed is absolutely beautiful and will no doubt be a very inspiring place to work - and play - when it's finally all done.