Thursday, January 15, 2015

Someday, Spring. Meanwhile, David Hockney

Don't you wish you could do this???????

O.K. maybe some of you wouldn't.  Especially since it's very cold and snowy at the moment where you might be.  I would only want to do it as he does - with lots of assistants about, or in waiting in some nearby pub - to help with the setting up and taking down, to grab hold of the wet canvases in just the right way before a stiff wind can blow them right off across the countryside.  To tidy up the paints afterwards.

But what I meant to post about is spring.  It's on its way.  It might not seem like it now.  But soon it will arrive.  Even here in L.A., I dream about it.

Maybe you'll get a little soupçon of it, a bit of a thaw.......some little moment soon.

I'm so glad that David Hockney has moved back to L.A.  Even though I never run into him.  

But you never know, I just might.  One has to be  Don't ask me what I would say to him.

Meanwhile.  HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.  

What will you be doing???????


  1. I was just looking at a Hockney! Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy, from the Tate. I was looking and looking at the picture and I finally realized that putting the two "sitters" around the open window made it look suspiciously like a famous Matisse that I never would have given a second thought had not Sister Wendy explained it all to me .. that painting, too, was of a married couple: Matisse and his wife.

  2. Thank you, Mademoiselle, for giving me a place I can talk about my inner life.

  3. I think (or dream) sometimes I will be "a painter" in a few years when I will be too old to be a graphic designer...... ;)
    This is the kind of photo that makes me dream... ;)

  4. Elizabeth: BINGO! I had not made that connection before! Thanks for that. You and your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome here.

  5. Great image with the two canvases and funny to think about the realities (stiff winds and whiskies) behind it!
    I am for getting as much color possible into my life though with paints & threads. However - I am not at all ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!! I like to give all the seasons a chance...a time for everything, you know. Of course, for California, I guess things are different....