Monday, June 29, 2015

Birds - and - Bodega. Does It Mean Anything to You?

Bodega is really just a bend in the road

Really, a "town"?  I'll let you go there yourself and decide what you think about their commitment to good food.  

In any case, it's a fun stop on the road from the Sonoma Coast and Petaluma.

With all the "Birds" memorabilia you might like to peruse.

It has a great vintage small town America vibe.

With a little junk shop, t-shirt and tchotchke store along the usual lines, a hippie-ish Japanese dressmakers....

If you think you might be fancying picking up some antique

Coke bottles with the genuine article still inside......


Or you're a sailor named "Phillips" who's planning on shipping out sometime soon and need a case for your kit..........You'll find all that too.

There may be an actual town up the hills but I didn't see it. 

This is the view that may give you the shivers.  Bodega's a little of that 

and a little bit "OMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

Next up: the Bodega Casino, the local beer hall.  Serious Americana!  Y'all come back soon now, hear?


  1. Ce que ça me dit est : j'ai vraiment envie de faire la balade !!!
    Bon week-end au paradis !

  2. like your sense o' humour so.
    but hey, the weather's beaming, the vintage in place.
    i can live with it, i wish i was there. there!