Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Saying Hi!

It's been a busy summer in all the best ways.

More on that soon, I hope.

Meanwhile here are some things I found at Print and Pattern.

Are you ready to think about big sweaters yet?

I'm looking forward to my next visit to London for some serious poking around.  And maybe a little shopping.  These are hard to resist!

Coucou!  Who's at the beach???????


  1. Re: big sweaters... yes! already thinking about them (in the midst of our "heat wave").

  2. hahaha, no beach for me then, thxs. today hot too, ergrgghhmmm.
    and thus not thinking 'bout sweaters either, albeit that is a cool one there!

  3. Il fait enfin chaud à Paris, donc pas de chandail, mais un tour à la plage. Merci pour la superbe balade en Californie du nord, cela fait vraiment rêver. J'adore les couleurs et surtout la maison à rayure rose et blanche. Bonne fin de semaine