Monday, December 7, 2015

Further Canal-Walking From Kings Cross - London Was Sunny One Day in September

How are the Xmas preparations going already?

I have to say that pulling these pictures out the archives seemed to be just the thing

to brighten my outlook after the very dark and painful month

for our world.

I can't say I'm very optimistic but life goes on doesn't it?  And so, here for you,  a little

something life-affirming from North-ish London on a sunny day, where the restaurants and greenery

were thriving.

Fashion Week was just beginning.  This was the set-up for the Jonathan Saunders show.

Rising behind the temporary structures, more apartments and penthouses for quite rich people.

It's the contrast of the old and the very new, the bustling and the very quiet (a new illustration museum has opened here)......that makes this area quite exciting these days.  Its proximity to two big train stations adds to the buzz.  And the sense of possibility in the air.

Mr. Paradis had to drag me away from the fountains.  He was afraid I'd get arrested for too enthusiastically photographing little children playing in the water.  What is more beautiful than little children playing in water?  But in the world we live in today, a stranger taking pictures of something that Cezanne might have titled "the Bathers" is a risky business.

Thoughtfully, another type of environment has been provided for the older seemed safe to capture them with my lens.....

And back in the universe of possibility.......

Could you be tempted by Hidden Depths of this sort?

And who might you find to join you

in such underwater exploration?

You were wondering what that blue bump was, weren't you?  I think it's a longboat in disguise.

If you've seen some of my other canal walk posts, you'll be reminded that on the canal

it's all about contrasts and opening vistas

clins d'oeil of the most individual kinds.....

quiet bucolic corners

and always, the watery life of the long boat - feline familiarity almost mandatory.

You will feel like you're right "in the middle of it" and equally, somewhere far, far away.

Here's how we located ourselves.  And then immediately got lost.  More on that next time..........


  1. Quelle belle série ! merci pour cette magnifique promenade !

  2. Beautiful, bright, peaceful, and safe photos. Just lovely. xo