Wednesday, October 12, 2016

L'Heure Bleue - That Time in Between Daylight and Sleeping

Taking a break from the travel posts, how about a collection

of blue-ey images to celebrate

the passing of the seasons and the transition from blue summer skies

and sea, to cool rooms

and chilly toes.

Gray days inside

and dozing dreams of summer past.

How many hours will you require to sketch out your future and fill in the outlines of a New Year......just two months away from us now?  Will you be ready for it?


  1. i'm ready, whatever, however... bring it on...!
    you had me with this post by image 1, naturally.
    oh, that landscape, that abstract expression of a multitude of impressions...
    sigh. positively sigh.

  2. étonnante cette nouvelle bannière, Brava!!!