Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Wonderful Riches of Oz - And I Do Mean, Australia!

Some highlights for you all......

I'm still recovering.  Soaking it all in.  Remembering.  Regretting.

How little time I had to wander Melbourne's pretty little neighborhoods.

The meals I missed in cozy, authentique, gemutlich bars.

I'm still marvelling over the exuberant creativity.

And wishing I could experience more of the artistic energy.

 I'm still gobsmacked by the creatures and the features.......

The plethora of neighborhoods with history and charm.

The best of the new world and the delights of some older ones......

The food of uniformly high standard, and freshness.

The mix of the exotic and the mundane.

A cheeky insouciance.

And did I mention the food!!!?????  O.M.G.!

Did you know that OZ would look like this?  I did not.  Oh the wonder, the wonder......!
(Peoples got it allllll going on!!!!)