Thursday, April 20, 2017

The View From Up Here: The SkyGarden at 20 Fenchurch Street

Yes.  20 Fenchurch Street is that hulking form that you'll see rising above you

like someone's bad sci-fi dream as you gaze across the Thames from the Tate Modern

or Hay's Galleria at London Bridge.  It makes "the Shard" (across the river) look positively inspired, artistically speaking.

20 Fenchurch Street is otherwise known in London as the "Walkie-Talkie" or, the "Cheesegrater".

You can use your imagination (or click here).  Thankfully, there is the SkyGarden.  Free admittance.

Glorious views of changing London.  The Natwest Tower - at left - in the 80's and the "Gherkin" - at right - in the 90's once dominated the skyline.  But the City is astoundingly different now, with no signs of construction - and thus change - stopping, if one is judging by the building crane count.

Some liken the SkyGarden to an airport lounge.  But that IS a tiny bit excessive and unkind.

It's quite a pleasant place.  If you love light, greenery, clean air, open views and.....cakes.  (Plus two bars and two restaurants.)

Sadly.  Despite the compelling visuals, the 3-color cake at center left did not pass the discriminating 

Paradis palate test.  It was artificial tasting and too sweet and otherwise flavorless and expensive.  So you're forewarned.

There is a viewing platform outside.  Very cute seating inside also includes Stark bubble sofas and blankets for chilly days.

You must book your visit in advance.  Do NOT though, think that it will be an inexpensive outing with the kids and bring your own food (like my parents would have done).  THEY WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.  

If you don't buy them some of those cakes!!!!!!!!!! Hello???!!!!!

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