Sunday, June 24, 2012

Before and After

These are NOT the fruit we picked over the weekend.

But I have to make roast fruit at this time of year without fail.

As much as I adore flaky pastry, this is a perfectly delicious way of enjoying summer without so many calories.  And even though there's creme fraiche in the fridge, these fruit really do not need it.

England and Italy are going into extra time....penalty shootout coming up.  Some things about certain  summers don't change, do they?  

Except maybe the hairstyles! 


  1. ha ha ha...
    i've only zapped passed football, noticed they were at 0-0. have no idea how they ended up, have an ex {italian} collegue, so imagine him glued to the tv set... ha. sports...

    hello again... i have not been here for the longest time. thank you for stopping by. and now i shall wander here a little.

  2. Simplicité et gout délicieux des fruits de l'été...! et une brillante équipe (gagnante) italienne...!

  3. Oh my - your roast fruit looks delicious! Definitely perfect just as is (no flaky pastry or crème fraîche necessary).
    And poor old England... indeed, some things don't change.