Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's gloomy today in L.A.   Which makes me think back to 10 days ago........

When someone had a Jubilee.......... to celebrate 60 years on a throne.

Some cared an awful lot about this.

Others not so much.

 There were flotillas.

And a little tom-foolery.  

Tell me, could you be a monarchist?


  1. Ha ha ! Non, pas de monarque pour moi. Républicain...
    Même si, je l'avoue, ce type de fête est une occasion de hisser haut les couleurs ;)

  2. i'm not that interested in monarchy. i do think the danish queen is doing a quite good job representing denmark. living in spain the king here is not doing such a good job for spain i think, like going elephant hunting a.o.

  3. Monarchy? Theatre daa-ling ...

    I wish I could have been a spectator at that impromptu flotilla. Now that looks like fun!

  4. les envies reviennent....quelle chance pour ceux qui regardent les images que tu selectionneS si bien, super les images du jubilee.

  5. L'occasion de faire de jolie fête... et j'aime beaucoup ma mini flottille... et pas de monarchie pour moi.... très bonne soirée...!

  6. i am not, so i couldn't be, if i tried...
    hee hee..
    where you away, over this recent fuss?
    i bet you didn't really miss it, did you?