Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gordon's Wine Bar - Pubby Love Revisited

You will likely be leaving it with a smile on your face.

The above is what it looked like on a dry day in September.

And this, on a wet-ish day in March.

It is very easy to miss.

  (Ask Mr. Paradis how many times he's passed it - in abject obliviousness - on the way to other pubs.)

But you wouldn't really want to.  It's just past the flowers stalls to the right, and the entrance to the Embankment Gardens, as you leave the Embankment Tube station.

It is very old.  And very dark.  And VERY FULL of real English people in the know.

You will feel very hip and worldly there.  Gordon's Wine Bar on Villiers St.

(If you want to sit inside - it seats only 10 people!  They require you to book in advance.  Now you're really in the know!)

What are your plans for the weekend?  Hope they're good ones!

1 comment:

  1. J'irais bien y faire un tour ;) ça semble sympa et cosy.
    Ce weekend ? Je monte à cheval demain matin et dîner chez ma cousine demain soir ! Tu sais tourt ;) Bon WE à toi.