Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chinese Houses of Southeast Asia - Infatuation

A book that I found on a recent trip to London........

is full of treasures.

If I could, I'd move into one of these houses in a heartbeat.

Sadly, they are extremely rare these days.

What do I like most?  The lanterns?  The carvings?  The colors?

The sweet garden decor?

The perfect balance of light and heaviness?

The airiness?

The patterns?

I did say colors, didn't I?

The authors of this book won an award in 2005

for their previous book, Chinese Houses:  The Architectural Heritage of a Nation

I'm sure that book is just as gorgeous.

Find more about them both, click here.

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  1. so beautiful pictures and wow, I don't know what I like most. too difficult!