Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Spring Where You Are, Isn't It?

Just in case it hasn't arrived for you yet (sorry all you, in the Southern Hemisphere)

(pic:  What Katie Ate)

Here, some weekend pics of Spring

(Pic: Elena from Bicocacolors)

from around the web

(Pic: Thomas Hardy's house - Ben Pentreath)

that I have

(via RhubarbintheGarden)

thought were quite

(pic:  Hello Sandwich)

perfectly SPRING-ey perfect!  Perhaps you'll think so too.



  1. Ohhh, I love those pigs!!! :-) They are so cute. :-)

  2. Cette semaine il pleut et il fait tout gris à Paris...! Merci pour ces très jolis liens.
    Bon dimanche...xoxo

  3. I'm with Rambling Tart... lovely black and white piglets!
    I hope your weekend was a very good one, and as wonderfully colourful as your previous Brixton Market post - beautiful! (I'm looking forward to Part 2 :)

  4. Yes, I feel that I have to chime in although I have nothing to add: those are some seriously cute piglets!

  5. I'd like a cozy weekend in Thomas Hardy's house.