Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A View on Venice (Beach)

So the proper Summer Weekends are upon us

and just in case your plans aren't including

a schlocky seaside resort


I've got you covered.

Strolling down the Venice Boardwalk

has got to get you's what you go there for.  (Well I do!)

I like to consider myself an open-minded and imaginative person.

But things go on in Venice that I could never dream up.

(like:  Time Travel!?)

Some activities are more "usual"

but they seem to come laced with bravado and a little danger.

Whatever you get up to, just remember, someone could be watching.

So if you can't be good

be careful!

Whatever you do there I have no doubts, that Venice Beach will alter your perspective.

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  1. Hello,

    Well, we have never experienced Venice Beach for ourselves and the view through your camera lens is certainly colourful. Surely, there is something for everyone here or everything for someone, we are not exactly sure which fits the bill best!

    Whatever, the area has a great energy and vibrancy about it which is definitely going to give one a buzz!

  2. Oh, wonderful photos! ... and the ending is totally 1984 ;-)

    1. erm... and Animal Farm!
      (+ a belated happy birthday to Mr Orwell!)

    2. oh cr*p... it's already the 26th here in A'dam :)

  3. What fantastic photos, luv. :-) You've captured this place brilliantly. :-)