Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Living Color

Not all cat pictures are the same.  Some are special.

Here's a selection of images

that celebrate the specialness


(via Poetry of Material Things)

the natural world

around us.

Art, I think,

is about

(via Quill and Fox)

throwing into relief or in other words, asking us to look again and recognize

the extraordinary

(via Poetry of Material Things)

in the ordinary and the usual.

(All other images via Petit Cabinet de Curiosites)

 i.e., asking us to LOOK AGAIN and with love.  How was the weekend?

Bonus link:  Very cool interview with a guy who writes about and studies our Material World, Mark Miodownik

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  1. C'est amusant car j'allais te dire que ces images sont dignes d'un cabinet de curiosités ;))) en tous les cas, je repars avec le sourire.