Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Did Leave the House With My Camera This Summer. A Time or Two

To adventure far-ish afield

to los Jardines de Senor Fish

to Little Tokyo

 (it's actually the "Far Bar" now, though I haven't been in)

cuz  Ebisu is my favorite for cold Sapporo mugs, noodles, tempura, tofu and-and.........all so yummy.

to 'Lette for macarons.....

For a little neighborhood gleaning.

And then, home again.  Where the heart is.  That's been my L.A. summer on not-quite-film!


  1. I would be regularly be leaving the house just to go and eat more of those macarons! you have a lovely varied blog and I'm delighted to be following along now.

  2. so many choices you have ... wow :)