Saturday, August 9, 2014

L.A. Two Saturdays Ago - The Renegade Craft Fair

I'd never been to one before.  A RENEGADE Craft Fair, I mean.

It was a hot-ish day in L.A.'s "Grand Park".  (I would have to give the latter an only "meh" rating, sadly.)

ANYWAY, there were food trucks.  Cuz it just doesn't happen (I mean, anything) without food trucks these days.  Am I right?

There were lovely frocks by, Brooklyn based Jamie Lau.

Groovy-cool glassware and lighting from Oakland, California's Palanquin.

I loved those dip-dye bags.  Though that little lavender rose bag on the right is still winking at me in a come hither-ish sort of way.

There were dudes and dogs galore chillin' while their girls were thrillin'.

And:  A YARN TRUCK!  Draped in crocheted lovelies!  What a great idea.

Don't you think every neighborhood should have one?  Imagine the possibilities.....hmmmmm

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