Friday, September 25, 2015

Highlights from a Late-Summer Ramble........

I do worry a little bit about repeating myself.

And I've been so busy here in L.A., I haven't taken many pictures here.  I do hope to get back to that soon.

But if you're happy enough to discover/or rediscover in the case of a few of you.......

some pretty and interesting parts of the world...

And if you're happy to share some sweet moments of being.....(a doggie after my own heart)

or even, human history. (did you know that the Catalonians will be voting on Sunday to advance an Independence agenda?  That hose is the colors of the Catalonian flag - that's Patriotism dontcha think!?)

Gardens big and small...

Then, you're in the

RIGHT place(s!)

See you again soon.  'Til then Happy Weekend!!!

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