Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Slipping Back In........

Hey!  Hi!  Ola!?

been away......

been a bad blogger - oh!  I've said that already

been savoring my memories.  

Ever notice sometimes you only remember the pictures and not so much the holiday?  I haven't attacked all the pictures yet, cuz I want to stay wrapped in the images that remain in my mind.  I know it hasn't seemed like it, but I have always been thinking of you all.

Not sure what this Fall back will look like yet in the (my) blog world.  But if you all are still with me, I'm happy to keep tippy toe-ing along.  Can you guess where I've been?  (Don't cheat and look at the labels!!!!)


  1. Hi!!! Tu étais dans les Pyrénées Orientales à Céret ??? ;)

  2. I'm going to guess Figueres (that ceiling painting looks decidedly Dali-esque?) I hope you spent some time in Barcelona too?
    And I NEED to know what that green beverage is... looks delicious!
    (Also, I like your new speedy cat header image :)

  3. Well, I'm trying not to be bad any more either. About blogging that is. We'll see!
    Glad to see your page again with some very cute toes at the top of it!
    Seems you've been in Dali country - but is that a diabolo-menthe I see?

  4. All well guessed! More on all of that soon. Nice to see you all again and welcome back to you, too!!!! xoxo