Monday, January 4, 2016


How were your Holidays?  Very very good, I hope!

The Paradis family rushed off to England for two weeks after a nailbiting pre-holiday season getting a very sick cat and a very lively new cat settled at home.  Hence my grievous delinquency in the greeting and posting department.  Sorry to neglect you!  (The big boy, is hanging in there, thanks for asking - with lots of meds and home-cooked food.)

The Christmas holiday was, for us, just one day after another of pure bliss.  After kind of a lousy year around our parts, and for many that we know and - don't know so well - it was a delicious shock to be in the gentleness of some of the gentler parts of England.  The weather - in the 60's certainly helped! So more on all that soon.  

I hope you have much to look forward to in 2016 and that we as a world can somehow get to a better place than 2015 has made it seem.  Kisses, hugs, and many blessings of the human and nature-made kind are my wish for you in the year to come.  


  1. So close yet so far, my dear. The weather has been crazy warm - but I hasd wished for cold.
    The cherry tree next to my balcony is blooming!

    Good luck with both cats. I hope you have trusty caretakers for them when you are off as we do!

    Yay 2016 and little gnomes bearing fruit! The year will at least be better and more human in the millions of minute ways each of us can manage.

  2. Bonne, très bonne année!
    Bises parisiennes!

  3. Je te souhaite une très très belle année 2016 douce et lumineuse... XOXO

  4. Human and nature-made blessings sound absolutely wonderful!! :-)

  5. J'espère que les petites chats vont bien !!! Et je te souhaite une belle et heureuse année !

  6. i hope so too. i hope this new year brings new good challenges and less upheaval. there's hope. there is always hope. x n♥