Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kensington Church Street to Notting Hill, Part One - Gawking, Greenery, and Glam at Christmas

In fact, they weren't all open 24/7 because, as you might know

some people are still rather sensible (IMHO)

and take the week after Xmas off to relax and spend with their friends and families.

In any case, if you're interested in honing your tastes at small expense to your pocketbook....

and possibly encountering legends while you're at it (no I don't actually mean the flesh and blood

Mr. Churchill but I have run into David Hockney once or twice on Kensington High St.)

 - when it's not Christmas week -

I AM recommending this walk up the steep Kensington Church Street to Notting Hill.

(Could that rather be the origin of the pub's name?  "Church" - "Hill"?  Hmmmmmm)

Many of the old antiques shops have now given way to chain stores but still, still, there is beauty

and you top the crest at Notting Hill

and descend again to Portobello Road.  It's a bit of a cliche on the tourist "musts" lists

but Portobello Road doesn't much disappoint.

You can just look.  And. is usually my habit because.....

HOW TO CHOOSE?!  But......

if you are any inveterate shopper with a fancy credit card...there will be suitcases for all your loot.

Next week:  Notting Hill, Part Two.  You might like it.


  1. Quelle magnifique promenade encore tu me permets de faire !!! Merci :)

  2. :-)))
    now i can postpone actually coming up to london for a few more months.
    not much longer though... arghghgh. n♥