Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's Almost Summer, They Say

Yes, I'm still here.  With a little share for you.

 (Basil and mint/vinegar and oil/tomatoes and ricotta bruschetta)

Of Spring highlights at Passage Paradis.

before the season slips away.

Pictures here of the Paradis family's (apparently) annual walk down Sunset Boulevard.

With all its prickly and peculiar

L.A. personality.

Alpine strawberries from the garden.

A ("usual" now, I guess) visit to Sonoma Valley and an out of the way beer stop in a metal shed in the middle of farmland.  Loved that!  (More on it later.)

Flowers from the garden.  

Yes.  Cymbidium orchids from a four year old supermarket plant.  Miracles can happen!

Que Pasa my peeples?!

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  1. those strawberries are calling me, for their rather juicy looking alpine shape. :-))) n♥