Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Gardener Must Be An Optimist, a Believer in Miracles, and Always Looking to Tomorrow

Hello.  It's been a long time.

It's been hard to come back here and see my last posts about the little guy.  It hurt.

I finally decided that I needed to take the last one down.  I also didn't really know if I wanted to continue with the blog.

The world moves on.  It changes in so many ways.  Not just in the ways that my own little family is.

It's been hard to know for sure whether this is still the thing I should be doing right now.

For today, and for the rest of this month I think, I won't worry about that.

I'll just enjoy the little blog world that exists here.  And share a little of my world with you.  Again.

All these pictures are from the beginning of the month.   We've had hotter drier days and a new set of jobs is upon me.

As always, we've had many visitors to the garden.

We've had a thousand avocadoes, it seems, and the leaves have all fallen, but no more flowers this spring.  The tree must be exhausted.  We've had extremes of weather these last months which aren't quite "normal" for L.A.  That means now, MULCH MULCH MULCH!

I've had many more red flowers than I'd expected to. 

I'm now the proud Mommy of a house

full of girls.

The new one is settling in pretty nicely.  

That said......

the Young Prince may will still be the one that all future personalities at our house will be judged by.  

Thank you so much for all your sweet thoughts and words of encouragement.  Some which I did not find until just today but which felt warm and kind and consoling nevertheless.  I've "met" some lovely people here in the blog world. You all are a wonderful gift.

HAPPY MAY!!!!!  



  1. Ce n'est pas parce que j'aime jardiner que je le dis, mais j'ai toujours vu les jardiniers comme des sages, amoureux de la nature et de la beauté... désireux de mettre un peu d'harmonie dans le chaos du monde. Magnifique série...

  2. Hello! It's lovely to see you back here, although I can relate very well to feeling a certain blogging ambivalence of late... it is what it is and will be what it will be :) But I'm very glad you decided to post these wonderful photos of your beautiful garden. Look at those nasturtiums! And that very cheeky squirrel visitor! And your beautiful girls! It looks very peaceful and idyllic.
    The last photo is a fine tribute to your regal Young Prince.
    A happy (gardening?) weekend to you, sx

  3. Welcome back! Good to see you here...

  4. i'm sorry for little prince. sadness cuts deep and is necessary... i haven't been around and so i'm not with you on all the news, but i'm sorry.
    blogland is a funny thing way into evolving fast. i've fallen behind, i shall see what i feel in a few months time.
    big hug from belgium, my dear friend.