Friday, February 19, 2016

Objects of Obsession - and - Sonoran "Desert Dreams"

I can't believe these photos date from January of this no longer very new year.

Not much has changed since then in our life.  You might remember that I've had a very sick cat.  (The one on the right.)  This was his very first encounter with his intended replacement.  (The one on the left.)  But my sick boy is hanging IN!  Thanks to lots of meds and a new doctor.  We had thought we were going to lose him.

NOW.........I'm the proud Mom of three cats.  (Not something I had ever envisioned.)  It's a veritable herd of cats, it seems to me, and to Mr. Paradis especially.  I am spending all my "free" time trying to keep them comfortable and healthy.  So much so that I haven't had time for all those adaptation shenanigans that professionals suggest for acclimating the existing cat(s) to a new  interloping, foreign, transgressing, weird-smelling Mommy-stealing new cat.  (A little fear-and loathing going on - yes?  My other girl-cat is the worst about this - any tips are welcome.)

So the new Miss (to the left, above) still spends most of her life upstairs alone -  (I know, very sad) and Mom is ferrying new and existing cats (above) and the Princess (way below) to the new Doctor who has put the fear of God in us about CLEAN TEETH!  So everybody is getting their teeth cleaned.  Because most illnesses - of which Mr. Him-on-the-Right has quite a few - are not remotely helped by multiple system infections and bacteria loads caused by rotten teeth.  If I didn't know before, now I really know.  Anybody brush their animals' teeth out there?

But meanwhile, while this guy was still on Prednisone (a very scary drug to me - but which produces seemingly miraculous physical effects - like turning a skinny, barfing, dehydrated, anorexic cat into a super-critter)..........he had an excellent afternoon one January day watching this gorgeous movie:

Desert Dreams (click for trailer).

  He has never been interested in TV before but this totally hooked him.

Have I mentioned that it is Spring in L.A.?

So yes,

I have an other obsession.  More on the garden soon I hope.  Things are busting out all over.

I wish you a HAPPY WEEKEND until then.


  1. Your cat herd sounds both utterly delightful and rather stressful! As the wrangler of just a single furry feline I have no good advice to give but wish you luck and hope they'll all be the best of buddies soon. I'm very glad to hear your boy is doing better, and love the pics of him transfixed by Desert Dreams :)
    Have a fun weekend... and happy gardening! sx

  2. I'd love a third cat but don't dare get one. Two males is enough. They really are sweet together but there are still territory issues that go on - sometimes right at the foot of my bed! Wow- cat tv! I thought you had put some of your photos on the screen. That last flower picture is breathtaking!

  3. Hello there, it's been a while!!

  4. Hello there, it's been a while!!

  5. I love the pics of your cat watching TV. :-) So cute!