Monday, February 1, 2016

The Boy and the World - Gorgeous Brazilian Animation, Maggie Smith is Luminous


Went to see The Lady in the Van last night - anyone else seen it?  Maggie Smith was sublime in it.  So rarely see anything that she's in these days that actually shows off her always-described-as-sublime talent.  But it's very nice. Despite the silly ending, I think it will stick with you.

Before the movie was shown, we got to see a trailer for this Gorgeous Brazilian animated film, The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo) check it out!  More about it here - and actually an even longer music video with more footage from the film.

Oh and of course here's the trailer for The Lady in the Van".  Why would we want to leave that out?

I'm still trying to figure out whether my boy cat is here for good a little longer, or if it's time to do the sad thing - i.e., many Dr. visits yet, pillings and special food.  So please excuse my blog absence.   I think of you always.  xoxo


  1. I adore Maggie Smith. In ANYTHING. :-) Can't wait to see this!

  2. Et voilà, j'ai envie de voir les deux ;))) merciiii

  3. Yes, I need to see these!

    And I'll recommend two for you , too. Neither is new, but I've just seen them and they are really worth while: Souvenirs de Marnie (Ghibli) and Little Bird (Dutch).