Friday, December 9, 2016

Evening Streets, San Sebastian

And after your swimming afternoon.....

the Parte Vieja (old town) awaits.

and enfolds you

in a gentle, gilt edged


This is the Basque version

of the big easy, to my mind.

There is quiet.  But it is companionable.

Water laps at the Parte Vieja on two sides.

It's solemn power is both soothing and moving.

The patina'ed streets suspend you in an eternal late afternoon reverie.

Between hunger and satiety.

And when you have dined.

The evening persists.  And persists.  There is no hurry for night.

Just an extended moment for sifting through the remains of the day.

The gold turns to silver and pink.  And you realize that you have lost your heart to Donostia.

Like so many before you.  (No wonder the Basques want to keep it for themselves!)

The second weekend in December already.  How can it be?  Hope it's good for you!

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