Tuesday, December 13, 2016

St. Jean de Luz in Color

You can't go wrong

in St. Jean de Luz.

It's a big-hearted little tourist town.

With pleasures aplenty.

Especially if your idea of gladness is a cheese shaped liked a Citroen 2CV.

There's lots of girlie kinds of shopping.

Even if some of the girlie goodies actually originated elsewhere.

The love of color is engaging and intoxicating.

Whether you're looking to fill your cups.

Or fill your tummy - at Yves Camdeborde's "Le P'tit Suisse." 

Don't miss out on Gateau Basque

or Maison Adams macarons which are not entirely

like the other sorts of macarons that you know and love.  The Basque version is perhaps the 

"Grandpapa" of the colored and flavored versions in Paris patisseries.  But just as "croquant".

Basque chilis seems to be fatter, meatier, juicier, happier than any chilis you've ever encountered.

And Basque espadrilles?  Brighter, cheerier, stripier?  Ya think?

Did I mention that St. Jean de Luz might just be where the Basque bon-vivant comes to cement

his or her reputation for savoring the "Good Life"?  You could go there too and start practicing.  You might have a little catching up to do.

How's the Christmas shopping going?

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