Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beverly Blvd (LA shhhhh! Shopping) Part Two

So thanks to everybody who's left comments this past week or so!!!!  Sorry I'm not always responding to you all individually.  I've been trying to finish up some projects (which I hope to share with you EVENTUALLY) and last week hubby and I were winding up THREE FULL UNINTERRUPTED weeks together which hasn't happened in a really long time.  So you know, that's why I was celebrating summer with him and making nice things to eat and trying very hard to BE HERE (or rather, THERE) NOW.  But I hope you can tell by my Corner View that I'm visiting and keeping up with you all and being thrilled by what you do and if sometimes I don't leave a comment it's only cause I'm just STUPID TIRED.  Some days are just like that.  

So's my wind up to the great Beverly Boulevard adventure.  I've pared it down to about eight pics so I think I can fit them all into one post.

I actually enjoyed the fact that it was a Sunday, because then I could just peer in and take pics

and noone was in my way and there was no pressure to PURCHASE either from the Seller's side or my own.  I could just enjoy the visuals and concentrate on the photos.  This shop is Gibson.  What's not to like here?  Stuff with patina and personality and history.  I like to have stuff like this in my house to add texture and another dimension.

I love that the surfaces have been handled by someone else, that someone else's eye has already caressed something, and deemed it WORTHY.   I like that things can be imbued with talisman-like qualities.  That they carry an aura of somebody else's ambitions, imaginings, fantasy.  To then possess that thing yourself is a little like time traveling, or occupying a parallel universe.  The thing is both yours, and then not.  And so, mysterious.  Let's face it, we all enjoy a little mystery.  It's one of those spices of life.

This next little shop is also a bit fantastical.    It is called IGE.

I like the light in it.  And I would like very much to visit it when it IS open.  I would like to go upstairs

and poke around in the kids stuff which is so tantalizing from "down here".  There is a very individual point of view going on in this shop.  I MUST INVESTIGATE!  Kind of curio shoppe, chinoiserie corner, cool kids emporium and highbrow library vibe.  I'll let you know!

And pots and pithoi at rolling greens.

This store has a great relaxed indoor/outdoor vibe kind of like the Bluebird space on the Kings Road in London.  OK yes (anybody listening?) all rolling greens need to do now is get some cafe action going on out here!  Yes?!

All the plants above are real and beautifully cultivated.  You can't fail with healthy, vigorous, well priced plants from rolling greens.  I was a little disappointed with the pot selection here at Beverly Blvd. but at their original store on the steep hill in Culver City the selection is practically encyclopedic!

On the other hand, if you have someone cleaning at home who likes to dust.......

these are all very attractive options in plastic!  I have been tempted.  Sorely so.  But these "everlasting" plants are in fact no bargain.   So I bought the real things instead.  Succulents are so low maintenance, and at half or quarter the price of the plastic - why ever not? 

I have asked hubby over and over to make me a table like this.  If he could only leave off globe-galloping long enough. It would suit me down to the ground for entertaining company ...... or embarking on large-scale art projects, pet pageants, photo sessions.....hmmmmmmm...showcasing massive dog sculptures...... 


Well none! - - - - - Except for loading them up with kittens and cuddly toys and gadding about town showing off pretending to be a charming eccentric with Edna Everage glasses.....

BUT.  I.  LOVE!!!!!!!!!  THEM!  (and the price was right-ish.)  So deco, so debonair.  So DESIGN-ey!(so...slightly...shiney!) ......But imagine the night of the earthquake (yeah, the BIG ONE) and all I need are these things rolling around the bedroom in the dark - while I'm trying to gather up cats and take cover in a doorway or under a strong table.  They would be like so many menacing Derby girls (I mean the roller rink, not the English county - you notice there's no brake on the wheels) on ECSTASY.


I pass.  (Sad face.  Did not know I could feel this way about shopping carts.)

Meanwhile, live plants in strange arrangements.

And yes, you guessed it, marble balls. (Someone's got to have 'em.)

Well whoops!  That seems to be the end to Beverly Blvd. Part Two.  That was quick!  Did you think so too?  And I was just getting going.  Oh I remember!  Yes. There is a Part Three to this series.  It is called Heath Ceramics.  Which I will post at yet another date.  Because I think you will love it.  If you'd like to see more about rolling greens only, Kevin at Hollywood Forever did a great post just a little while ago.  You can see it here.

So if you are a dedicated follower of (indoor) fashion, come back in about a week.  You won't be disappointed.

Toodles from an incandescent evening in L.A.!


  1. Love the table big time... and that trolley... see what you mean!
    A visit to the nursery would be excellent as well... damn the whole shopping trip...I'll line up with Wanderer's daughter MP!

    Thanks for great message ...ssoooo sweet.. have been falling asleep all over the place...tired gal!
    sounds like VERY busytime for too!
    ciao bella!

  2. what a great tour, especially not ever having spent much time (yet) in LA ... the scalloped planter and so many other items were perfect eye candy.

    so much to be inspired by here, love all your references to London too. Just got back from a trip there and I'm aching for more!

    Cheers my friend :)

  3. love those planters, and that zinc topped table - man that's cool!

  4. agghhhh! i'm drooling from here. love your pick... not sure if i could have resisted those either.

    so many goodies. going to have to scroll back through and have another look at some of the details.

    have a great time with your husband. xoxo

  5. Wow, so much to see! I am coming back later today for more - miles and miles of interesting stuff! Love this tour of the south land :^)

  6. Really, really have to get out to the new RG store, but this wonderful cyber jaunt with you will do for now. The Culver City one does have a great pot selection, but the plant selection at this one looks much more extensive.

  7. Your shopping trips look such fun. When you're next in London, we could meet up and do an English one! I'm sure there's some new things since you were here last.
    Sorry I have been so quiet - it has been unbelievably busy, but I'm happy for it. Anyway, unfortunately now being frogmarched off to one of those 'man-caves' that you describe..