Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hollywood Farmers Market

So this was the bounty at the Farmers Market two weekends ago.  

Remember the white strawberries I posted?  White mulberries, who knew?

This is not a sight you see often enough in a town that is right next to the ocean.  What is that?

Garlic flowers.

Funky Porcini!

What do you think I'm going to find this Sunday?  Can't wait to find out!

 (I-phone photos courtesy Mr. Paradis.)


  1. Oh, I am SO all about farmer's markets this time of year!! We went to one in Vail the other day, but it was too early for fresh veggies in the highcountry. Sigh. The sources of most Colorado produce range between Fruita and Olathe, and the altitude is still comparably high in those places, so our localproduce begins a bit later in the season.

  2. lovely garlic flowers, never saw that offerend before. just now experimenting with fresh garlic for the first time...much more subtle than dried cloves. Bonne journée :)

  3. Can't wait to find out what you find!
    I'm loving those white mulberries (who knew, indeed!). Without the 'usual' deep-mulberry-red colour they look like little mulberry ghosts...
    Have a fun weekend!

  4. Oh so fun, Paradis!! I'm so glad I get to stay home this weekend and hopefully go marketing for treasured finds. :-)