Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scenes from a Weekend

So hope everyone had a good one.  We are just getting our feet back on the ground here - well if that means back to our weekend tennis schedule, finding ourselves with laps full of soft furry animals, glasses of wine in hand, filling the house with flowers and making pizzas packed with squash blossoms and soft fresh mozzarella cheese.  And visiting wonderful pop-up painting exhibitions in picturesque corners of the neighborhood!  But I will let Lily tell you about that.  

More soon with greater adventures around Los Angeles.  Summer is here!  



  1. c'est des fleurs de courgettes sur la pizza ??

  2. 錢,給你帶來歡愉的日子,但不給你帶來和平與幸福........................................

  3. Mlle P! Thank you for coming to our little show! I was so exhausted and delirious at that point that I must admit I didn't put two and two together until right before you left, and then I felt like an absolute idiot and wanted to run back outside and give you another hug! You two were so adorable to come and it was just marvelous getting to meet you in your own darling neighborhood (and talk about India!).

    Until next time, friend! xo

  4. What a perfectly gorgeous weekend, Paradis! :-) Looks so relaxing and peaceful. BTW - I would've LOVED to have you join us in Bosnia. I can only imagine the amazing photos you would've taken. :-)