Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paris-Best. For Bastille Day

Well, these may not necessarily be the BEST PHOTOS I took of Paris technically.  I found out I have alot to learn about street photography - even with a digital point and shoot - but I think they capture alot about the BEST that Paris has to offer as far as I'm concerned.  Hmmmmm....are you noticing that  food features pretty prominently?

So what a paradise in Paris to me - Luxembourg Gardens.  There is so something about it that makes you breathe deep breaths.  And then of course, there are those palm trees!

Cafe life - a congenial way to show off your personal style.


And hues.

The details.  See the little piggy on the glass?

The distingue (pronounce it: diss-tang-gay!)

The DE-LEEEE-CIEUSE!!!!!!!   You are looking at the Ispahan macaron from Pierre Herme . (A moment of reverent silence.  Please.  Now.)   I'd heard about the raspberries and the rose flavors - but the filling, it is LYCHEE!   And.  SO.  TO DIE.  FOR!   May I mention that unlike what you get at supermarkets and corner grocers in the U.S., each and every raspberry in France it seems, is sweet and tender and yielding and tastes of the earth and sun.  Yes it does!  "Subtly delicious" - says Mr. Paradis.

The erudition.  The conviviality.  The cigarettes.  (Maybe not so much?)  The CHAIRS!


I'll say it again: VIVE LA FRANCE!  And Happy Bastille Day!


  1. Nice pictures! Hope you came back with some pink shoes or some thing else that is perfectly frivolous and fun. I have my eye on some little greenies. I'm in the Luberon now but will try to come up with my special picture chosen for the 14th...

  2. Just wonderful MP......what a delightful series of images!
    That Macaron looks and sounds fabulous... Is that beetroot soup?
    Oh the cafe scenes !!! glad you had a fabulous time!

  3. A wonderful photo essay on the best of Paree! Agreed about the raspberries ... I just tried Bertillion's raspberry sorbet yesterday, and there was an explosion of flavor at first (and last) taste!
    Happy Bastille Day!

  4. Oh wonderful! And the Pierre Hermé macaron... next time try the "peach, apricot, safron" delicious and so delicate! and yes you are right about the raspberries in France. Your pictures are so full of colors and life, you really captured it well. Thank you for this!

  5. Happy Bastille Day to you! I actually forgot about it this year because of my preoccupation of late, so I am glad you reminded me. I love your photos - I like your candid captures of life in Paris. They are really good. Oh this is my favorite place on earth and I miss it... thank you for a glimpse! xo

  6. these are marvelous! they completely capture the joy of the moments, the city, your love of it all

  7. le style et la matiere - once i DID come back with pink shoes. but that was long ago. this time it was a rather pricey roll of wallpaper (!) which, if we ever figure out how to get it on the wall, i may yet share with the blogworld. when it comes to other french fun frivolities - who can choose?!

    sophie - yes! can you believe that macaron?. i am now being prevailed upon by certain parties to learn how to make them! or at least martinis that taste similar - and yes! beet soup! which I adore when i'm not spilling it on my white outfits.

    amusette - you would know! keep us posted!

    kenza - we did try that flavor and what was not to like? but we were especially keen on the passion fruit/chocolate. more about that later.

    to all - glad you liked! how can anyone resist paris and resist wanting to share? nobody that i've met yet! and yes. i needed to take those pictures to bring home with me. (paris dans ma poche!)

  8. Merci, ma copine. Contente de voir que tu es rentrée. ..

  9. Girl, I'm LOVING it!! So funny to me to think that you're in Paris and my brother is in Paris and you're both celebrating Bastille Day and don't know each other. :-) SO glad you're having such a splendid time! Your photos are magnificent, rich and colorful. :-)

  10. Belated comment...I *love* your cafe life photos here!