Monday, July 19, 2010

Paris - Quick Looks

An abbreviated continuation of the Paris shop I have an appointment with my pillows and an early morning tomorrow.  

Most of these were taken in the more salubrious arondissements.

Did I mention the summer sales were on?  (Have I used this pic already?)

So one could not just stand there looking wooden,

one had to get our there and check out the offerings!!!!!  (Finnova, Left Bank)

This was NOT a working trip (C.G.!) so I did not scribble addresses down for your further edification.  It was rather, a holiday,  A VACATION for me and my dearest.  Hence, gnomes of course!  To keep the mood light.  If you're interested in addresses leave a comment and I'll do my best.

Forget the faience Ferdinand, I know now that I am actually here for that CHANDELIER!  (Do you like it Kevin?  This might go nice with your turquoise glass theme at home.)

Do you love his shirt?  I DO!  Next he gave me a giant smile.  But I did not snap it!  (Sad face again - rushing past.)

And of course who does not love Astier-Villatte??????  But not so much washing it.  It is soooooo delicate!

How did I know that in the hushed precincts of a certain "Colette" store that punters taking pictures would be soooooo UnCool?  I was so charmingly scolded as this snuck-in fuzzy exposure reveals.  But who could resist the bunnies!  (Best part about the whole shop!)

I'll say no more.  Except that you have recently been window shopping on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honore where it would not be unusual to have a WHOLE FAMILY bustle past you on the trottoir, each with their very own personal orange HERMES shopping bag in hand.  Including the 10-year old boy!  (Now I have seen EVERYTHING!)


  1. Liberez les nains ! liberez les nains !!

  2. I remember Astier de Villate when Hugo and I went to Paris for our honeymoon, such a wonderful shop isn't it? I've been enjoying your trip to Paris enormously, it's been the most wonderful window shopping experience, thank you! Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Oh, thank you so much for posting! I LOVED these, you know, I have never been to Paris, and it is such a tragedy (my husband, lucky duck, actually lived there). I think we need to remedy that asap! Lovely pics, I felt as though I was there! XX!

  4. Delphine - hahahaha!

    Vanessa - Glad to have you along! I'm happy to trade Paris shop windows for your garden visits anyday!

    Shari - OK you must! Have a conversation with the Mr. about re-ordering your priorities and getting you to Paris pronto! Good grief I think the universe got a little discombobulated the day it decided who gets to live in Paris. Shall we just say a few or two of us were left out of consideration!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr

  5. I adore that stack of suitcases in the last picture, Paradis. Just love it!! :-) So glad you got to have this adventure with your honey. :-) Wish very much we could've been in Paris at the same time!! Maybe next time? :-)

  6. Krista - That could work for me! Keep me posted!

  7. I really love the turquoise chandelier. I'm about to embark on attempting to make my own with a bronze frame that I just found at a market in Rouen, so thank you for the inspiration. Now I've just got to find all the pieces.
    I love Goyard, and am now happily the proud owner of a couple of red monogrammed pieces - would get a whole fleet of it if I could!