Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paris - Glances

Something low impact for the weekend.

A little window shopping in the Marais?

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these.  They were made by young girls for confirmation or their sweet sixteens.  They are made of wax.  They would NEVER have survived all my house moves.

Of course Mr. Paradis LOVED the knife "block".  - - - GUYS!!!!

Something about the simplicity and the crispness.......Loving that satiny border.....more borders later.....

so summery and fresh.

.....what, more Fermobs!?!

So ladylike - the blurry pic adds to the dreamy charm no?  Say YES!

I just love the idea of photo fabrics (what a surprise!)  I would have to have one of every one of these little bags.  Genial!

You and Jackie "O"

This one reminds me of my little girl.  She would totally have her nose in the absinthe.  I could take her off the Prozac!

You'd never see an optician in America displaying glasses like this.

Les fripes.  (SIGH!)  A girl never tires of French fripes.  Never.

I shouldn't like this dress AT ALL.  The shape and color are so wrong for me.  But the little checks,  the subtle color transitions, the delicacy, the transparence, the gold borders!  It is something so special and so ordinary ALL at once.  The french do simple/extraordinary like noone else. (For more details of locations of these goodies, see my response to Carol's comment below).

have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Thanks for taking us window shopping with you! :-) I loved it!! The cat picture is fabulous and I love the fabrics. love, love, love. :-) Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  2. who
    no info :(
    I want...
    the photo bags = Where?
    The dress is like a walking Monet...pretty...

  3. How I do miss Paris!! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images in your last few posts....I cant wait till my wife gets home to show her!

  4. krista - what can i say? we know already that you are a woman of taste! happy to have you along for the window wander.

    carol - you sound like my english teacher! 1st pic: arches at ave. ledru-rollin; pics of fripes and young girls wax piece: rue st. paul; 1st two pics of dresses - next door to mariage freres on rue bourg-tibourg; paper cutouts and photo bags off the rue vieille du temple where les philosophes cafe looks across at a la bonne renomme; last pic of purple pixillated dress - little street running south from place des vosges to rue de rivoli. everything else around rue des francs bourgeois to the rue st. gilles. now you know!

    chef dennis - chefs always welcome at passageparadis. lucky you if you've spent any amount of time there! hello to your missus and you're welcome back any time. i may be a paris bore for a little while yet!

  5. I love these posts - such fun! Those early absinthe posters are great, and I want the white dress with the blue sash.