Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Past

Oops!  I forgot it was Corner View day - even though I'd prepared a Corner View on today's theme.  I'll post it tomorrow!

Hello to all, here I am creeping back into blogging mode......

Happy New Year everyone!  How is it so far?  I wasn't sure whether to share these with you are not.  Are we over Christmas already?  Or would we not mind so much, a little souvenir of the season?  Here in L.A. it is dazzlingly bright and I am so glad.....but in England, where I spent Christmas, it seems now that it was terribly dark.  Maybe that had a little to do with horrific jetlag and not beginning to sleep until 5 a.m. in the morning and waking closer to 10.  It left a very short day, when the night fell at 4 p.m.

Is this the prettiest street in London?  It is one of my very favorites at this time of year.

It is in Belgravia, where you might find the Sultan of Brunei, Joan Collins and Nigella Lawson residing.  So not so much horse-shoeing going on anymore.

This is Elizabeth St. which I've posted about before here.

It's a little bit bijou, but quite laid back - with not so much bustle because it's only about two blocks of shops most of which purvey a little of the Good Life.  In discreet doses.  There are very nice florists, jewelers, perfumers, and a lovely pet store here.

It is here that you will find the London branch of Poilane, the famous French bakers.

But why do they call them "Punitions"?  These lovely little cookies?  One of those life questions that still goes unanswered.

I just adore these chandeliers.  They look like something out of a Disney movie - Cinderella probably.

You can't see it in the photos, but the candle - "light" is actually flickering!  Smartcar, or Aston Martin, if you are buzzing about doing your last minute Chrimbly shopping, you could do worse than "wrapping it up" here.  With a tall fizzy glass of bubbly and it goes without saying, a crunchy "Punition" for the road.  And don't forget to bring someone else to carry your bags!

How WERE your holidays, anyway?!


  1. So lovely to have you back! Many kisses for the New Year!

  2. Oh I have been thinking of you. Reading a book "Moloka'i" about a lepers' colony in Hawai, recounting through a young girl (who then grows up) much of the recent history of Hawai. Thoroughly enjoying it!

  3. my holidays were very relaxing this year - I didn't even have to put up any decorations! :)

  4. More pics please Mlle P ... never too late for these views of London.
    Yes... that happened to me whilst in London. Up too late trying to get things done on laptop... or organising next day. Then not able to wake early so getting out the door closer to 12pm and light disappearing after 4pm... it all felt rather peculiar but i could not break cycle.
    If I'd have known about the London version of Poilane then I guess I would have found your fab street. Did quite a bit of my sight-seeing from upstairs on busses to destinations where I was in a hurry. Had to content myself with oohs and ahhs for what I could see I was passing by!
    New year greetings to you,

    I'm about to go on an actual holiday... a short one... but the kind where you sit by a pool, read and do very loittle else.

  5. Yes indeed reading the Brennert book. Loving it! (almost finished it). I love your post. You actually visited the place. Amazing! Beautiful post, your words are so true. Thank you for sharing it (even if I am reading it 3 years on...)

  6. christmas past and after that day will come to Happy new year.

  7. Contente de te retrouver...merci pour ces belles photos,j'aime beaucoup l'idée des lustres pour illuminée les rues...c'est très joli...et très belle année 2012

  8. Beautiful pictures !
    You made me curious about 'punitions'. So - I looked it up! It seems Poilane's granny used to tease her grandchildren to come over and be punished. The old dear would then surprise the little darlings with a butter cookie. Is that not sweet?

  9. I love Christmas lights. They're so pretty.