Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe Some Sunshine? Part One.

On and off the Boulevard.  Sunset Boulevard.

There are so many great walks in this neighborhood, one of the oldest in Los Angeles,

called Silverlake.

Have I mentioned all the choices of stairs?  They were built back in the days

by the trolley car companies, to get the customers to their routes.

This one had been beckoning me for awhile but I had never taken it on.

Cuz it's a long way up!

Even further when you're looking back down.

Did you expect this at the top?

Or this?  I didn't.

More surprises on this walk.  I'll be back with more.  How'd you like it?


  1. wow ... i love surprising walks like that. The yellow house looks gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE it, and love the creativity and sense of humor of those hidden LA hoods! Bring it on. Let's see and enjoy more walks together :^)

  3. I love these pictures sunny in your neighborhood. It feels good! Here it's grey and gray and grey......

  4. LOVE the house with the orange shutters :)

  5. Oh, what an enticing stairway! (Gorgeous bougainvillea at its base!). Thanks for taking us with you on this wonderfully sunny stroll :)

  6. It looks so warm and wonderful out your way. Your pictures are a refreshing contrast to the foggy grays and whites outside my window today.

  7. bougainvillea is January?! What a perfect climate!

  8. surprise walks are the best. i try them out, let's say, one new one a week. if i'm lucky. don't you find you meet the strangest people when you stroll off the beaten track?
    we should have some of these walks together!

  9. You really should put together a book of your LA pictures. You go to unique places and take great photos. I can totally see a book of LA neighborhoods on my coffee table.