Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stompin in Sepia

Will your other half dress "posh" when the occasion requires?   Mine, a refusenik, after the example of his Father, would not be found dead anywhere in a "Dickie Bow", never mind tails.  Might be why we stayed in on New Year's Eve in London listening to the the Guy Barker Orchestra at the Savoy Hotel until it came time for the fireworks.

Sadly the BBC2 are no longer offering audio downloads of that night.  Which is a shame, cuz that band was stompin and that band was S-M-O-O-T-H!

Instead, how about a little Judy Garland to warm a January night?



  1. Ohhh, Judy Garland is perfect. :-) After a wildly blustery couple of days, the weather has finally calmed and I'm in the mood for lovely, cozy old-fashioned things like this. :-)

  2. Don't get me started. Mr. husband is another one. Dicky bow? Oh those cute Brits - I LOVE THAT!

  3. Wonderful picture, noice music. Your new year's sounds fine even if dressed down.
    Hmmm, what were you wearing?

  4. By the way - have you seen "The Artist"?