Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Corner View - Something Old Something New....Redux

Pasadena Flea Market

This works for this week's theme, doesn't it?  Meanwhile I did post a "Something Old" Corner View last week.  If you didn't catch it, find it here.

It was a very busy week last week.  This week will be too.  I'll catch you up soon!

Things seem to be looking up over at Francesca's "Fuori Borgo".  You can find out more, and find more Corner Views where she's blogging: here

P.S.  I'll just add that I've tried to leave comments around today and this new Google "anti-robot" system is just impossible!  Is it just me?  Sorry but I don't have the time to try 3-4 times to crack "the code"!!!!  Apologies if you're having the same problems leaving comments here.


  1. J'irai bien faire un petit tour à Pasadena au marché au puce...!

  2. Happy anniversary! Your boy? - child looks very happy!

  3. That's creepy... looks like it's just waiting for the 'Jake & Dinos Chapman treatment'!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Curious image mlle p...
    ah... you sound V busy. Doing interesting things I hope!

    Must say ...you were spot on with the Bonnard meets De Kooning comment... interesting painter who is in her early 80's I think and her last decade or two of painting has seen her work blossom into magnificence... before that the work was good... but not great.... fab to see someone really come into their strides at this stage of their life!

  5. Looking at him is making me feel a little uncomfortable...he's a bit creepy, no?! Or maybe it's just because he looks so very uncomfortable himself in that pram!

  6. aha. so that was it. the robot ate my comments ;)
    scary little fellow you've got there.

  7. i carry the same sentiment on those robot codes...
    my hope is that one can hit and miss on them, just a little, for no way can i read exactly what is written there, and that is after i have tried different suggestions...
    we should start a club of discontent, or lose all the roboting....
    but happy anniversary too, and i LOVE the crockery. anything pastel from the fifties and sixties makes me SQUEAL.

  8. iy ! the escape of the baby jesus! and it doesn't seem out of place in LA does it? :)

    ps. you are not the only one, i'm having trouble leaving comments too. try the refresh button. sometimes that works for me.

  9. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with problems deciphering the anti-robot system! What would happen if you had your comments publish directly, doesn't Blogger provide a spam filter at all? Anyhow, what I find most sticking in your photo is the guy in the background, wearing exactly the same shorts that my middle boy has - wow, Pasadena=rural Italy, is this global economy? Old, borrowed, new, and blue worldwide mushed altogether?