Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grisaille - Not Sepia

Gloomy days get me down.  Which is why I moved to the sun.

I know some of you are still having them.  I'm sorry.

I can imagine what it must really be like.  But this is how I like to imagine you.


  1. What great posts recently.
    Loved the funny fashions at Pasadena flea market hee hee, and the topiary on the patterns post. Pattern is also what I like painting the most - hence I hardly have anything patterned in my home because I just stare at it and go through painting it in my head!
    Also thanks for thinking of us in these gloomy climes. It has been a very hard winter but is now brightening somewhat. Hooray!!

  2. La première photo est magnifique, elle me rappelle les imprimés de Pierre Frey un grand éditeur de papier peint.Bisous, bisous ma chère Miss Paradis.

  3. I'd like to be there!
    second photo... gorgeous!

  4. I wish winter looked like that! Still, even if it really looked like that, it's the cold and the icy winds that get me (and the barren landscape, and the short days, and the bluish cold light ... but I'm NOT complaining:))