Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patterns Are Funny

Are you inclined to find patterns in things?  It happens to me.

I even find patterns in patterns.  Have you noticed on some peoples' Tumblrs that there are patterns of certain types of images that arrive clumped up together?  Do you think that they emerge sort of organically?

Or do you think that whoever is posting them has saved them up in order to show them together, in order to curate them for you?

Most of these images came from Sophie Munns' SeedCapsules site.

Strictly speaking they were not clumped together.  But as I chose them, and they showed up in my "storage area", I realized that I had also selected them according to a pattern.  That was still slightly different from Sophie's.  Entirely unconsciously.

Life is funny, isn't it?  I recently heard an interview with a man who had identified a flow theory of physics.  What do you know about physics?  Do you think that he's right?  That everything in our universe evolves and emerges as part of a flow?

All photos above via Sophie Munns' SeedCapsules

I think it's lovely that the word "flow" is also a part of "flower".

Illustration:  Nadine Paduart

Hmmmmmmmmm.  I'm having a bit of a ruminate.  Can you hang in there with me?

Nadine, aka, "Little Wolf" (here), is a someone who is a lively ruminator.  (And stunningly, inspiringly so.  Don't be fooled that she calls herself a "librarian" during most of her daytime hours.)  She is also the painter of butterfly wings.

And we all know that a butterfly is never far from a flower.  



  1. flow in nature? undoubtedly. nature rules, we are its puppets. we do house inclinations, which sets us off from one another, which is interesting, to say the least. it is very intriguing how indeed we subconsciously order things around, to our own comfort of beliefs. i find you have collected a nice gallery here.

    which is why i am totally surprised by your finale. flattery is all mine! natural patterns for a backdrop, there is no link more agreeabe nor exciting than this one. i thank thee, for looking upon this in such a way. it works clarifying, to me also.

    i am totally in awe for patterns and organic forms of all kinds, shapes and sizes, which is probably why i stipple a lot. its as close to organic as i can get, on paper. probably also as close to origin as is possible, wich is an interestig debate. i shall ponder upon this for the rest of the day. something will come off it, on my walk today, to do away with winter cobwebs and a teeny tiny nagging back ache.

    walk that thing, which is what i always heard in the linked song. now i find he's singing about whooping! tee hee! enjoy the rhythm though. the artist is belgian. besides the expected allure, he is popular and at least his music is good.

    i bow, to thee,

  2. Wow! This is an absolutely beautiful post! I can't take my eyes off each photo, especially the one with the moss of stones. Really beautiful!
    As for me, patterns in "numbers" are what call my attention the most... Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Woolf's response and your wonderful post are treasures in themselves mlle paradis!
    I bow to thee too... more poetic than the thank you I was going to offer! Just lovely!
    Yes... i find merit...truth... in what you say. When posting on tumblr I have to place things together usually so that they can converse with each other ...get along so to speak. I don't save images for later up as I'm too spontaneous...but I find I am pulling in things that relate... i get a little run on a are the first person to speak of this though!
    I have sometimes gone back and taken something away because it was in the wrong place... not often...but every so often.

    Funny this need to do that... tumblring could mean 'flowing-out-r-ing'... your physics man is on to something! Seeing patterns flowing out.
    We do definitely see the ordering uniquely.

    My personal delight in tumbling is having found a template that allows the images to sit in this flowing-out-ness...the juxtapositions are so pleasing and stimulating... its fires up my brains.... and that I sense is what you are getting at as well.

    The unique way the mind/self is responding! The delight of it!

  4. Patterns and connections are my - maybe - my favorite things/thinks.
    Have you noticed the amplification of beauty -stupendous!
    I loved this post.

  5. Lisbonne était une mine de "patterns" et j'ai ramené des dizaines de photos d'azulejos tous plus beaux les uns que les autres ...