Sunday, October 28, 2012

Great Dixter - Great Garden

They say a garden rarely survives the gardener.  I guess we shall see.  Christopher Lloyd (1921-2006)

is not so long gone from us.  But much of him survives.

His garden, Great Dixter, tucked into a minutest corner of Southern England

betrays no atmosphere of loss or negligence, or having lost it's way at all.........

In late September its full hot flush of colors and textures

prevails and endures despite changings and rearrangings of seasons, styles and sentiments.

Pointless to add further words.

The garden speaks for itself.

Not much here in the way of demure or understated.

And the plantings are so tightly packed and allowed to reach such heights

that it's clear that this had to be the fulfillment of single man's vision.  He wasn't really thinking about you when he made it.  And so the paths through it are really only wide enough for one person to pass and the plants are hungry to also fill up that space.  

There are many structures on the property, some older than others.  You'll get a good look at typical

English oasthouses, and rustic and ageless building styles and materials.  Edwin Luytens, the great English architect has also made his mark on this place, you will see it, in its gracefulness.

It's now also possible to buy plants from Great Dixter, and to take gardening classes here.  Why not? Check the website or Wikipedia here for more.  Just plan on spending an extended period in the Southeast of England, visiting the wealth of sites and destinations on the coast and inland in a leisurely fashion.  Because take my word for it, driving back and forth from London to here is H-E-L-L.

And kind of spoils the lovely vibe.  Really.  Anyway, how was the weekend?  Good, I hope!


  1. Les cabanes en vieilles planches rafistolées comme la 3ème photos en partant du bas semblent délicieusement intemporelles,le grand architecte Edwin Luytens nous le démontre si simplement, merci à toi de nous le faire découvrir, belle journée chère XOXO

  2. I will never need to ever travel again Mllle P as long asyou keep posts like tho coming. Its such a treat... and I'm learning all the time!

    Loved the previous post too... papaya tree... yes please... that community garden is wonderful

    really hate to think how people keep on when they are scrambling to keep hold of things and sleep rough as you discuss there!
    wishing you a good week... No fires, storms or tsunamis please!

  3. what a gorgeous garden ... and sooo many different and beautiful flowers. Great pics.
    a wonderful week to you.

  4. Merci pour cette belle visite fleurie !