Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy/NYC - Neighborhoods News: What the Major Networks Aren't Showing You

A cake that washed up in Brooklyn.  From the New York Daily News,  photo by Julia Xanthos.  If you know New York, if you want to know what has happened to the neighborhoods you know or love, the photos and real-time streaming updates are here, you probably won't find them anywhere else.  (It has already been noted in other press and blog reports that some of the major television channels have reported some majorly erroneous stories). 

Also, WNYC radio is providing excellent updates, citizen and journalist reporting and discussion here.  Including damage to nuclear plants along the coast (latest update on them via the Leonard Lopate show).  

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  1. thanks for this most informative post Mlle P.
    Had wondered about things such as Nuclear plants.

    Having trouble imagining what the degree of difficulty will be with that massive population for managing to get things sorted and people safe and housed!
    Best thought to all!