Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaking Off For the Weekend

From worries

and work.

Time for a little cosseting perhaps?

And soft landings?

It's been a tough time for the people on the East Coast this week - and let's face it, some have a tough time of it everyday of their lives.  How much can we help?  So very little it seems, in the end.  But we yet have to try.  We have a big election on Tuesday.  How much will it change our lives?  What can we do about it?  Do you vote?  Do you think it matters?

Hope it's a very good one wherever you are.

Photos above variously via Bohemian Wornest,  "Inspired" by Tamar and as often Sophie Munns' Seed Capsules plus other Tumblrs


  1. i really hope the americans will vote for another four years with obama ...
    as a dane living and paying my tax in spain i cannot vote in the general elections in spain ... or in denmark (it bothers me at times)
    and i wouldn't mind one of those espressoes and macaron or two :)

  2. En France, Obama est assez populaire, j'espère qu'il gagnera les élections :)

  3. Voici tout plein d'éléments de doux programme à adopter !!!

  4. Yes I do vote, I think it does matter!

  5. Hope you're having a beautiful cosseting time this weekend. I did the same and my heart feels much stronger and happier today. :-)

  6. what a wonderful choice! bonne élection et une bise de Paris!