Friday, October 5, 2012

Pubby Fun

A post in which........

A grimy urban street in London's East End, transforms itself into a pleasant village green with the help of an exuberantly defiant birch tree.....  and a little nice weather.........

some wet refreshment (Yes!  Fullers!)

and a handsome solemn cat.

(Who, though greeting me with a placid, welcoming blink of recognition and acknowledgement that he/she and I were indeed T-I-E-D to each other. He/she resembling so closely someone dear left behind at home - declined, out of loyalty one presumes - to the feeders and shelterers of this corner of the world - to have that welcoming expression recorded for posterity.  So you'll just have to take my word for it!


the gingers were out....(yes I mean ginger hair)

So that I could do you yet another of those orangey-bluey posts this week.

It was not actually called the "Doom Bar".  But I liked so very much how the general mood militated  against a "doomey" tone.  Such a nice contrast.  

In the heart of ye old-ey London, just steps away from ye olde Brick Lane.



  1. I love your handsome, solemn friend... so calm and relaxed in the midst of all that pubby hustle and bustle.

  2. how nice the passage it is.

  3. Monsieur chat semble très sociable, et certainement très gourmand vu son tour de taille...!

  4. So many redheads in one place! That's hilarious. :-) Looks like a fantastic time with great people. :-)

  5. :)))
    cat actually looks like ours as well!